While Kite Man Flying The Kite But He Flying Over 30 Feet By Carrying Kite In Sri Lanka

 Kathmandu. Meanwhile, a video of an incident in Sri Lanka is going viral on social media.
The video, taken during a healing competition held at Point Pedro in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, has gone viral. In the video, it can be seen that Nadras Manoharan was dragged to a height of 30 feet by a healer while trying to fly a big healer.
In the competition, a team of 6 including Manoharan had tried to fly a big healer with jute rope. Changa was flying slowly in the sky and Manoharan was holding the rope and moving up and down. At the same time, when the speed of healing became fast, he reached 30 feet with the rope
The scene was captured on camera. Manoharan was brought down to the ground after taking about 1 minute. Manoharan was pulled by Changa while holding the rope of Changa and flying away