Update Election 2079 : 685 Municipalities Result Published, Nepali Congress Got 1St Position

Kathmandu: The results of 685 municipalities have come so far. According to the Election Commission, the results of 685 municipalities, including 239 municipalities and 446 village municipalities, have been made public.

Nepali Congress
Nepali Congress has won major posts in 304 municipalities including 120 mayors and 184 chairpersons. Congress has won 279 seats, including 92 for deputy mayor and 187 for vice-president.

CPN-UML is in second place. He has won 66 mayors and 120 chairpersons in 186 municipalities. UML has won 88 deputy mayors and 121 vice-presidents in 209 municipalities.

Maoist center
The UCPN (Maoist) has won 21 mayors and 96 chairpersons in 117 municipalities.

Independent and other parties

According to the Election Commission, the Unified Socialists have won mayors in 9 municipalities, Jaspa has won chairpersons and chairpersons in 19 municipalities and other parties have won mayors and chairpersons in 50 municipalities so far.