These Habits, Which Do Not Allow A Heart Attack

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in four deaths in the United States is due to a heart attack. Its global statistics also prove that heart-related diseases can be controlled.
The number of heart attack patients has been increasing in Nepal recently. Cardiologists say that if you can focus on your lifestyle by reducing your consumption of tobacco and unhealthy food and alcohol, you will not get heart disease.
Most of us know how deadly heart disease can be. But we are still ignoring the root cause. When we start treating it, it is too late. Man is not an immortal being, but it is not difficult to prevent heart disease.
According to cardiologists, heart disease can be controlled by following a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep and regular medical checkups. Experts suggest these 6 ways to avoid heart disease:
40 minutes daily exercise
Exercising 40 minutes daily is good for your health. According to doctors, exercise five times a year can help reduce your cardiovascular risk by 30 percent. Exercise is also essential to lose weight, improve blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Doctors say that exercise can improve a person's sex life.
Keep yourself happy
One of the major ways to reduce the risk of heart disease is to keep yourself happy. Stress is not only a disease of the heart but also of other diseases. We should try to laugh as much as possible. Laughter releases endorphin hormones, which help lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation. In some parts of the world, there are now organizations that run 'laughing classes'. You can go to such places and laugh with your friends and reduce the stress inside you. Lately, ‘Stay Management’ classes have also started to be conducted.
Get a good night's sleep
Physicians say that the number of diseases that the body needs is reduced. Good and quality sleep relaxes the body. Such sleep helps control mental and heart disease. According to doctors, we need seven to eight hours of sleep daily.
Avoid smoking and alcohol
According to the WHO, most cases of heart disease are due to smoking and alcohol. WHO figures show that smokers are half the risk of dying from a sudden heart attack compared to non-smokers and non-smokers.
Not only that, this bad habit increases the risk of diseases like high blood pressure, stroke and heart failure. Alcohol contains moderate cardio protective properties, but excessive consumption can be harmful to the heart.
Eat in moderation
We should be able to reduce the amount of oil every time we eat food. It is best for adults to use half a liter of lazy, olive and other saturated oils every month. It is also good to consume greens, almonds, protein.
Regular health check-ups
Doctors say that full blood count, cholesterol level, kidney, liver and thyroid as well as blood sugar level and ECG test should be done regularly. It is equally important to have regular checkups with a cardiologist according to your health symptoms and condition.