Technology Through Build A Prosperous Nepal – Prof. Dr. Ramhari Subedi (Video Interview)

Technology development is a key factor to build a prosperous nation in the 21st century. If we consider the strategies of developed nations, they allocate between 10 to 50% of the total budget on technology and innovation, as a result, over 200 million high paying tech jobs have been created globally in the past two decades. If we look at the budget of Nepal, only 1.4% ($144 million out of 14 billion) is allocated for Education, Science and technology which is adequate progress in building a better country.

The difference between developed and underdeveloped nation is systemization of technology. It helps to create millions of jobs in different areas.

The budget of Nepal 2078 has not given us any leeway to create opportunities on technology. In order to improve, IT education in Nepal must be specialization based where broader areas of technology should be covered at school and college level. IT Teachers must be highly paid to deliver the quality of education for students. The current situation of IT education is in favor of providing poor knowledge on technology.

The real data shows that Switzerland spends $25 billion, and Singapore spends $19 to $30 billion on science, research innovation and information technology thus Swiss government created 500,000 and Singapore created 350,000 high tech jobs. The average tech salary in those countries is $120,000 per year. Nepal cannot afford at that level but still can allocate up to 20% of the total budget at the start of a process. If we do so, every year we should be able to create at least 100,000 high paying jobs and take digital infrastructure in Nepal to new heights. If we continue to invest 20% of the total budget over the next 20 years, Govt of Nepal can easily create 2 million high paying jobs which will also prevent labors from migrating to other countries.

Leaders from all parties must be serious about Government investment on Technology with a broader vision. They must rally around this plan from the beginning in order to pass legislation that can expand Nepal’s IT budget.

Based on my research, I have given numerous speeches to build a better nation and expressed my concerns over the current situation of IT infrastructure in Nepal.

Mr. Somnath Ghimire and Girija Prasad Koirala Foundation America virtual global technology conference for giving me this opportunity to share my knowledge through your media worldwide. –

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Let’s be serious about developing Nepal, we must create a team, start writing a plan and develop the plan as we move forward. Our team should be comprised of experienced experts and political leaders. Monthly communication is necessary until we successfully implement a plan.