A Long Line Of Consumers At Petrol Pumps In Kathmandu Nepal

Kathmandu. Most of the petrol pumps across the country are crowded with consumers. After the Nepal Petroleum Business Institutional Coordinating Committee stopped the transportation in protest of the reduction in the commission received by the dealers for the sale of petroleum products, the consumers have lined up in fear of shortage of petroleum products. Consumers are suffering due to non-transportation of required quantity of petroleum products.

The commission paid by the Nepal Oil Corporation had been reduced since March 3. Entrepreneurs who have been transporting petroleum products demanding stoppage of commission have stopped the transportation.

In addition, the IOC has also sent a new price list of petroleum products to Nepal, which has seen an increase in the number of consumers at petrol pumps.

Due to the differences between the Nepal Oil Corporation and the petroleum businessmen, there is a psychological fear of shortage of petrol in the coming days.