Nepal Khabar



- Dr. Niran Maharjan

After decades of their unconditional love and sacrifices, are they wrong to expect the same from their kin? After gaining the heights with their hard efforts, are they wrong to expect something in return from their own children? After following the norms and rules settled by their ancestors, are they wrong trying to follow the same and expect the same respect as they have given to their parents to be given to them by their blood-part?

Generation gap; is this term only liable to you? What about them and their parents? Hadn’t they filled the gaps between them? Are they wrong to expect the same endeavor from you with them? Uncountable mistakes they and you might have made from the day of birth and trying to control you from making the same mistake and then bear the consequences of your faulty decision they might have been a bit harsh on you. Does that mean they are wrong to expect you to understand the real meaning behind their such behavior? The path to their dream might have been unachievable despite of their level best try before facing the failure thus attempted in every angle to make your pathway a lot easier; are they wrong to expect a level high than you had just achieved?

Without discussion, many more questions lay hidden in their big hearts and even with the discussion they cleverly won’t elaborate as they don’t want to hurt their lineage despite being burn with the fire of their unfulfilled expectations. Without them, we would never have existed thus as their blood, isn’t it our mistake failing to truly understand them? Isn’t that in real, it is us who missed to find out the base on which their expectation lay or still you want to blame them saying that they are wrong to expect those silly things from their own.

( Dr. Niran Maharjan -  MCh Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)