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Lasers for skin care: Fact or rumor ? Dr. Isha


LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, which means it emits a kind of radiation with specific wavelengths which can be utilized for several treatment purposes. The increasing demand on new technology and devices has pushed different companies to push for production of devices for medical purposes like to improve vision, to remove stones (specially kidney stones), to shrink tumors, and for skin treatments.

We all love to have a beautiful glowing skin. Its not only for the purpose of beauty but its also a sign that your body is physically healthy. But the fact is that there can be several internal and external reasons hindering the beauty of our skin. Every individual have a different lifestyle, different status of mental health, different skin type and so not the the same treatment is good for all the skins. Hence most important is to take good time with patient so doctor can actually understand the possible cause, diagnose the disease and customize the best treatment for that particular patient.


There are diffent skin conditions which has to be treated with medicine, there are some conditions which needs to be treated with other modalities along with medicine, whereas for some cases only lasers can be of help. The fact is that, there are lesser diseases which can be taken care by only lasers.  For majority of skin conditions, either lasers or medications can be done, or it can be combined for superior effect of treatment. Hence laser is not always necessary but depending on your skin type, patient’s desire, patients tolerance to other medications, occupation and others, we might have to decide on the treatment. If patient is selected wisely, lasers can be the best treatment for some.


Lasers can be of different types which are used for different indications. It is up to expertise to decide which laser to select for what condition, and what settings to be used for individual skin. Different skin type also needs different setting for the same skin condition. There are certain contraindications for laser procedure, meaning it has to be avoided in certain conditions like skin infections, certain medications, pregnancy, breastfeeding and so on which will be discussed with doctor before any laser treatment. It is true that laser can give even better results for certain conditioned compared to medications, but there are also precautions or instructions to be followed. There are certain preparation /laser spot test to be done before laser in certain skin type. It is also a fact that skin might be sensitive post laser; hence care should be taken as instructed by your doctor. Provided you follow the instructions, there are almost negligible chances of having any kind of side effects.


In my opinion, rather than just making guesses taking your own steps on skin treatment or maintenance, it will be very wiser to go to a dermatologists near you to get their opinion on what might be best for your skin type , for that season and for that time. Our skin need might vary with time which you might not know exactly what is right. This might prevent the unwanted effects that you might get, untimely damage your skin might have.. If you are thinking of acquiring a laser treatment, get your treatment done with the dermatologist trained in that matter.


Dr. Isha Poudel Koirala

MBBS, MD, Fellowship in cutaneous and laser surger Consultant Dermatologist, Venereol

Speciality - Consultant Dermatologist, Venereologist and Cutaneous & laser surgeon